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I'm a violinist.

I was born in Wales but I've been living and working in London, England since I graduated from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

I have a real mixture of experience. Think of anything a violinist might have done and I've probably been lucky enough to do it!

Symphony orchestras, solo engagements, live performance on tv and radio, international travel for private and corporate events, chamber music, teaching, workshop leading, headline shows on luxury cruise lines, film soundtracks, video game soundtracks, tv soundtracks, pop albums....

For those who would like a bit more detail, I have provided a biography and a selection of downloadable CVs. There is also a gallery (what's that they say about a picture telling a thousand words?) and a blog which I hope I will add to more in future (it's a little sparse at the moment!)

You'll also find information about how to book me for remote recordings, violin lessons and events and weddings

Please enjoy browsing and get in touch if you'd like to know more about me and my music, or if you'd like a quote for any of my listed services.

Thanks for visiting.

Jamie xx


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